When you first arrive at Planet Calypso. You must go through the Calypso gateway. Here you will meet different mission brokers. All mission brokers have some tasks that needs to be solved. This ensures that you get an understanding of the basic features in the game. You also get some rewards as you complete the various tasks. Not all tasks are rewarded. They often lead to new tasks which can give a reward. Rewards are very welcome when you are new on Planet Calypso. But the lessons that are learned along the way is at least as important.

Complet the tutorial and you will along the way, get free rifel, rocketlauncher, valkyrie vehicle, mining tools and probes. Newcomers will arrive at the Calypso gateway as default. If you have played the game for a while. You need to find the teleporter (TP), that can bring you to the gateway. You can find the teleporter at Port Atlantis Marina 61372,75091,111. Then just run to the Calypso Gateway and activate the jump.


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