Monday, 27 October 2014

Young Arret pet


Young Arret pony can be found in Cyrene. I found min here: 138496,76902,101.

I recommend that you use a Dominax Original Mamba (L) to tame this animal.You can see how to tame here.

This pony is L5 and the most difficult to tame, compared to for example the L1 Bristlehog pony or L3 Nusul pony. If you die or teleport, the pet will automatically be dismissed to your inventory.


Level 1: Greet and Dance
Level 2: Bow
Level 3: -
Level 4: Roll over
Level 5: -
Level 6: Sit
Level 7: Summon on other planets
Level 8: -

Keep your pet fed. To do that you need to keep the % at 30 or above. Under 30% your pet will starve. When the pet is starving, the affection will drop.

Under  30% starving
Above 30% fed
Above 80% well fed

In order to make a nutrio bar you only need to use one fruit and one sweetstuff. Nutrio bars are unique as they have more than one possible set of raw materials.

1 sweetstuff + 1 bombardo OR 1 Papplon OR 1 Haimoros OR 1 Caroot.

You can find fruit on the ground. But only when you walk. Sweetstuff is a material that can be found by mining. Or you can buy everything in the auction, including the nutrion bar. See how to find fruit here.

Name your pet
You can buy a name tag for your pet. Make sure that your pet got a high affection. Otherwise you can´t name it.

Pets are summoned from your avatar inventory. A summoned pet will follow your avatar around, and various information and commands are available from the pet dashboard that appears when a pet is summoned.

Your pet will have different moods depending on how it feels, so it is a good idea to keep your pet engaged while summoned.

Pets consume energy over time and gain experience over time while summoned. Energy indicates how well fed a pet is. Right click on Nutrio Bars in your inventory in order to feed your pet. Energy level affects a pet’s mood, so be sure to keep your pet well fed.

Depending on how it is treated a pet will gain affection towards your avatar. Keep treating it well and something good might be given in return due to the deep connection you have built up.

As you engage and care for a pet it will gain experience levels. Higher levels unlock different commands and tricks that a pet can perform. Additional commands will be added in future updates.

Focus is a measure of how well a pet can focus when performing tricks and other commands. Be sure not to push your pet too hard in a short time period or it will lose focus.


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