Space travel

Want to space travel? First enter this in you chat /join #space_travel
If you want to find a person who offer space travel. Go to one of these places:

Arkadia - Celeste Quarry
Calypso - Twin Peaks
Cyrene - 0x101 Supply Depot
Monria - Main Crater
Next Island - Crystal Center
Rocktropia - CND Lagoon
Toulan - Citadel

Especially if you want to fly whit Entropia fleet alliance (EFA). For more information go here: Of course you can also charge a independent pilot.


Fly yourself in a Quad-wing interceptor (Fastest ship in space (none warp)) or a Sleipnir Mk1 (slow in space)

You will need to attach space thrusters to break through the stratosphere. Remember that space is a PvP zone.

I therefore also recommend that you buy and attach, Kismet light laser / Heavy Porcupine HMAP-52 (L) (gunner only) to your Quad-wing and Fire of hell or VTOL MMB AS-35 for your Sleipnir, for air to air combat.

If you get shot down you might want to bring a Vehicle RK-5 and some welding wire to repair your vehicle.


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