Port Atlantis Marina (New arrivals)

After you finish your tutorial, you end up at Port Atlantis Marina, if you are a newbie. Old players end up at Camp Icarus. At Half moon bay is a lot of mission brokers. And they want you to learn the basic. I recommend you go and talk to all the persons around this area. There are not many rewards here. But the information is important for you to get a good started in this game.

Now go and talk to the Immigrations official at 61375,75094,110. He will give you a mission.

Now you have been around the block. And collected some missions. First go and find the Economy building at 61422,75157,118. Then talk to the Economy Guide at 61427,75177,118. Or follow the yellow dods on your radar. Economy help are not include here. Because you can always return to the guide and get help.

The Social guide is the next person you need to visit. You find her in the Social building at these coordinates 61326,75163,118.

It is time to head over to the Equipment building at 61374,75182,118 and talk to the Equipment guide.

Go to the Medical guide at 61391,75345. She will tell you all about the Revive terminal.

You have now learned the basics about this game. If you have accepted the missions, that was offered to you along the way. You now have the following missions listed below, in your log. I suggest that you take missions in the following order:

Find the Swamp camp
The Fight club
Hunt Pony creatures at the lake
Mine Belkar Stone
Mine Crude oil
The Trophy hunt
Check the electronic fence
Iron Challange: 50 Steelbirds

The idea behind this, is to collect as many missions as possible. while spending as little PED as possible. This is achieved by performing missions not directly cost money. For example, if you choose to run over to the Swamp camp. You might be attacked on the way. If you choose to defend you, it  of course costs PED. But otherwise, this mission can be performed for free. And this will leads to other missions.

Before leaving Port Atlantis, you should also visit these three mission brokers:

Ms. Leyana at 61328,75263,118
Doctor Borev at 61621,75303,118
Colonel Briers at 61431,75145,133 (take the televator)


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