The missions are not in a specific order. Only the mission name and the reward (if there is one), is on this page. Click on the mission name to see more details. Other missions may be available in a specific area. Without being listed here. The reason is that it is rated for a degree of difficulty. That is not recommended for newbies. You can find these missions under Qualified or Proficient.

Not all tasks are rewarded. They often lead to new tasks which can give a reward

Mission: Hunt Pony creatures at the lake
Reward: More work

Mission: Mine crude oil

Mission: Mine Belkar Stone

Mission: Find the Swamp Camp
Reward: 10 Vibrant Sweat

Mission: Gather 20 Vibrant Sweat
Reward: 10 Vibrant Sweat

Mission: Service the gun turrets
Reward:  Colonist Standard Issue Cap

Mission: Cull Beast Populatio at Swamp Camp
Reward: Loot

Mission: Patrol the Swamp Camp
Reward: Increase your skills

Mission: The Trail to the East

Mission: Combibo stage 1
Reward: No

Mission: 100 pony creatures

Mission: High pressure
Reward: 1 oil

Mission: Fertile waters

Mission: Washed up
Reward: 1 Lusterium stone

Mission: A sensitive find
Reward: No

Mission: Guardian of the Paranoid
Reward: No

Mission: Westward journey
Reward: 1 mission token

Mission: Say hi to the neighbours

Mission: Twin Peaks express

Mission: Pub crawl

Mission: Berycled Nest
Reward: Loot

Mission: No one like frogs
Reward: Rifle skill chip or handgun skill chip

Mission: Secureity grid maintenance
Reward: Skill implant

Mission: Missing in action
Reward: No

Mission: Blow them all to hell
Reward: A piece of CDF scout armor

Mission: 100 Rippersnapper

Mission: Dizi´s fight club ticket
Reward: Ticket

Mission: Scout the desert
Reward: 25 Nova fragment

Mission: Jezebel´s hunt challange
Reward: Ticket to the fight club


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